Investing in the Dutch corridor

The leading position of the Port of Rotterdam and the international freight corridor in the Netherlands, consisting of rail, road and water connections, is under pressure. The world-wide competition is increasing, while the available space is diminishing. Economic centres are shifting and new transport routes are being developed. Up till now investments of government authorities have mainly focused on infrastructure,are deployed apart from each other, or are inadequate. At the same time, we are dealing with great social issues, of which the energy transition is one of the most important issues. In the near future the Dutch industry and the logistic sector must operate emission-free. Consequently, environmental and climate conditions are accentuated more and more. It is of great importance that the harbour and the corridors remain competitive, within these changing conditions.For freight transport the corridor Rotterdam-Genoa is the most important one in Europe. Additionally, its Dutch section, with its East and Southeast branches, including the connections to Amsterdam and Antwerp, is of vital importance for The Netherlands Ltd. Not only does it connect the Port of Rotterdam with the surrounding European hinterland, but along this route many economic activities in the region are also affected.

In short: the economic centre of gravity of the Netherlands lies on the corridor.

Partners: Provincie Gelderland & Studio hands





Top-down shots